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Hello, my name is Jeanne Mulligan. Welcome to the continuing stages of my website. By some accounts, I am an old lady, raised in the era of crank phones with party lines, and wind-up cars that often needed pushing by hand. We had ration coupons to buy our necessities; and that is all there was. My introduction to technology was a radio, the Morse Code, a mailbox, and my own two legs. People managed gossip over the backyard fence, often on the way to the outhouse. We pumped water from the well and carried it to our one-room schoolhouse where we practiced writing by using cursive to copy Bible verses and “thou shalt nots.” Branding was what we did to cattle. Bits were for horses, boots for our feet, spam for our lunch; and Bing brought us White Christmas. I’m not supposed to be a techie at my age, but alas—I must be a blogger if I want to be a known author. I must boldly parade my brand across the world wide web where spiders prevail and bugs persist. I’m not a quitter, but by my own account this may take me the rest of my life. Then again, isn’t this all part of the journey?